Monday, June 13, 2005

Steve says, " College Schmollege " to Stanford Grads [updated]

Steve Jobs gave the commencement speech at this week's graduation ceremony at Stanford University in Palo Alto. His words for students and faculty in attendance:

"...dropping out of college was one of the "best decisions"

He told the audience how he continued to attend classes he felt like; simply by showing up.

Also of note during this event:

• Several students asked Jobs to hire them
• An environmental group flew a plane overhead protesting Apple's lack of an iPod recycling program

I guess the environmental group didn't get the message that Apple has an iPod recycling program. I also would assume that these protestors don't know that planes are fueled by fossil fuels. DOH!

It was extremist, disruptive, uncalled for (at this venue) and possibly unauthorized as I think college events were placed on a no fly list after 9/11 without authorization from the state. I have a private pilot's license and know this to be true for my home state of South Carolina - California law may be different.

I didn't go to college either.

I tease many people, but I'm actually quite serious when I say,

"College is a waste of time and I personally wouldn't go"

Note that I say college is a waste of time - education is not.

Steve Jobs also said in this keynote address that he continued to go to classes that he wanted to and that he tries to educate himself on a daily basis.

He is a great manager and a great leader - I don't think speech classes, management 101, accounting, etc - would have have made him any better.

A real education only comes through talent, responsibility, and willingness to be the best person you can be.

[Update] Stanford has posted a full transcript of Steve Jobs Speech - found here


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