Monday, June 06, 2005

Is Apple Up To A New Old Trick ?

Jackwhispers brought you the story, When There's No News; Just Make Up A Disaster Or A Rumor last year.

In this article, I discussed how websites, such as the PowerPage; often will just make up some rumor or post a very isolated Apple isssue just to get hits. Some Apple websites (read as all but Jackwhispers) will say something sensational just to get hits.

John Dvorak is most famous for doing this in his semi annual Apple hate columns. (Because he and whoever publishes his outlandish statements - know the Apple fan base (and hater base) generate web traffic.)

Recently, Think Secret has shown reputable news sources that Apple Rumors are hot and that these rumors fuel incredible hit totals. So, these reputable (read as as used to be reputable) news sources are just whoring themselves by either regurgitating the Apple is switching to Intel rumor or trying to provide bogus reports, with made up stats, to prove this is what will happen.

I believe Apple is playing the rumor sites own game this time around. My personal belief is that this rumor was seeded to

1) To root out more sources of leaks (note that CNET broke the story and CNET is related to Think Secret) - A Jackwhispers EXCLUSIVE SCOOP BY THE WAY

2) To build press over the World Wide Developer's Conference (That sleazy trick to make things up to gain hits)

3) To divert attention away from an even GREATER announcement

I also believe that there is a high likelyhood Apple WILL announce a partnership with Intel - but most likely over a widescale deployment of WIMAX (a wireless broadband technology touted as being the broadband for the rest of us).

[UPDATE] At the time, the graphic for the Deplume Organization Clients list was posted to the internet; C/NET had just purchased Ziff Davis ( Nick Deplume alias for Nick Ciarelli is writer/owner of Think Secret ) The association here is; that there are MOST LIKELY contacts within C/NET for Think Secret & most likely a few leaks.

[UPDATE] This is what I get for trying to make predictions - I still go with my 3 reasons for this leak:

1) Root out leaks
2) Build momentum for today's announcement
3) Divert attention for MUCH MUCH bigger things to come.

I do appreciate Steve's honesty in the failure of IBM and Motorola to deliver.


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