Sunday, June 26, 2005

I can always count on Jack ...

Just when I thought it would be another slow news week ... Jack comes along and makes this site bubbling with news again.

On Slashdot today:

"It appears that DLO (Digital Lifestyle Outfitters) are using their patent #6,591,085 to keep a PodBuddy, designed by DVForge, a product, competing with DLO's TransPod, off the market. Another example where patents are interfering with innovation and in the end - the end users are suffering the consequences, because far more superior product can't see the light due to dirty tricks of the patent owners :("

Of course Jackwhispers readers know the true story

I'm not quite sure why this came up again; because it's an old story. It seems Jack is agonizing over finally starting to be called a goose. He's losing his negligible annoyance edge with the competition and they are finally starting to strike back.

I applaud DLO for being the first to step up to the plate. It's time for Griffin, Belkin, and Apple to step up to the plate and and hit a grand slam!


Something minor I have been wanting to point out from a reader email:

What the hell is wrong with this guy's psyche? Have you seen this from his website:

While many companies have larger, more advanced offices, we are still pretty proud of our new home. Because the new building was nothing but an empty warehouse shell, we had the chance to build every detail inside exactly the way we wanted it. The open office plan, the spaciousness, the wall, carpet, and ceiling colors, the use of MacTable desking systems, the custom built lighting fixtures... everything here has been carefully tweaked to our own sense of taste and style.

Found at:

Of course this in reference to Jack's first most famous incident involving MacTable which is documented at Macintouch and as originally seen here:


FYT said...

Jack has planted several "I'm boycotting DLO" letters in to the forums:

Consumer choice
by cordelya

I'm just poking my head in through the door to remind everyone about consumer choice (see also ethical consumerism []). Boycotting a product or company for preventing consumers from getting what they want is just as valid as boycotting companies that utilize sweatshops. In addition to sending email to DLO, we can send a message to DLO by refusing to purchase their products. You can be certain that I will never again purchase a DLO product - that's what they get for being, well, just plain selfish. This is a huge community, with an even bigger extended network. Post in your blogs, email your contacts, notify tech innovation action groups (or if you can't find any... start one!), or write letters to your elected officials. When enough consumers band together they can be a force to be reckoned with. Some serious hurt could be put on DLO's pocketbooks. We are the consumers, drivers of supply and demand. Companies should be doing what we want, not the other way around. DLO is not looking out for us, so why should we look out for DLO?

My next two steps: posting an alert in my blog and reporting the DLO website as "bad" on Outfoxed.


My "angrily" worded letter.
by Franharrington

I sent an email the way of DLO:

I would just like to voice my opinion on the whole podbuddy dispute. I feel that your company is doing a great disservice to us, the customers. I do not even own an ipod, but like to keep abreast on new technological developments, and the news of your company's use of a patent to block production of a rival product greatly upset me. This is a huge hindrance to the advancement of technology. What even more greatly upset me was the fact that DVForge offered to let you produce (and profit from) the podbuddy and that they were denied. That doesn't make any sense to me. This is all very disappointing news to me. You have lost me as a potential future customer. I will not buy any of your products and I will instruct others to do likewise. I would appreciate if this email can be passed through the proper channels and not just simply ignored.

-Fran Harrington

TransPod - Noisey and poorly built
by TheScream

I own one of DLO's TransPods. I have used it lots despite its flaws simply because there is nothing better out there. I have found that although the TransPod is good in theory it has the following problems:

• The mounting system puts too much stress on your car's power socket. In one car the socket actually came out with the TransPod and had to be repaired.

• The mounting system is poor and too inflexible as far as layout is concerned. I have tried it in a Subaru Outback (Legacy), Nissan Pathfinder, Holden Monaro (Pontiac GTO) and Mazda 121 and none have sufficient room to mount the TransPod without it flying all over the place when going around corners. The best one has been the outback where I can wedge it between the dashboard and the cupholder.

• The power supply is not suffiently filtered to allow use without having interference from the car's alternator

• The output volume is very very low compared to radio stations (as it draws from line out, the iPod volume control has no effect)
Now that it is out of warranty I may open it up and try and "fix" the problems myself by replacing the power supply with a filtered one and boosting the output volume pre-transmission to improve the signal to noise ratio.


Jack does this discreditting of the competition in every forum!

FYT said...

And here is the reply that I posted to each of these:

Your comments were exactly what Jack Campbell intends with this story being published and promoted on slashdot.

He wants isolated incidents like yours posted so he can seemingly discredit the product he is trying to steal.

In my personal use of the Transpod, I have had an amazing experience, it is perfect for my car and is very sturdy in it's construction - something I would hesitate to vouch for with any MacMice product. (Although admittedly, I have had zero to few problems with any (read as all) the MacMice products I have tested.)

FYT said...

From a post at slashdot:

This is a perfect example of why the editors need to responsibly use the power they wield over the /. crowd. Bogus stories such as this can be used to inflame the average /.'er for advancing personal vendettas causing either inconvenience from a resulting slashdotting (of the website and the e-mail of the victim) or more extreme results by spreading FUD about the victim.

All /.'ers need is a touchy subject like patents to create a massive, often unjustified reaction. It is a shame that for a bunch of supposed-intellectuals, basic crowd psychology still applies.

All it takes is a few seconds of research to realize that the PodBuddy is a near-exact replica of the TransPod in all instances save the appearance. It only takes a few more seconds to figure out the legitimacy of anything coming out of DVForge.

Jack Campbell said...

I have never posted under a name other than my own at any web forum, other than two exceptions:

(1) On Jackwhispers, I was forced early-on to regiter several times under slightly different forms of "jack" in order to continue to post, as I was banned each time I posted to articles directed at me.

(2) On Spymac, in 2002, I briefly adopted two humorous forum personnas, as a gag, to get a few laughs.

Anywhere on the web where registration is permitted, I do so as powerjack, macwhispers, or jackcampbell, so as to clearly make certain everyone knows who is posting.

None of these posts cited herre, nor the /. post were from me. I don't do that.

FYT said...

It has been proven that Jack has posted under many different aliases and/or paid people to post and/or had friends post in forums to back him up.

Jack has NEVER been banned from any forum I have had or have his comments been deleted on purpose. The original Jackwhispers site (which was NOT built by me) was very buggy in it's PHP implementation. It crashed twice. Some (read as two) of Jack's comments were lost.

The original site was taken down because Jack put a private investigator on me and then embellished the findings - he posted this information to the original site. I temporarily banned his IDs while I restructured the site.

Yesterday, I sent Jack the letter below. It is the first time I have placed a ban on him. Readers will be able to see if he will continue to harass me, this website, and the many people who have become entangled in the "World Of Jack":

Subject: WARNING! from jackwhispers blog
Date: June 28, 2005 1:00:35 PM EDT


This will serve as your ONLY warning - do not post in my BLOG or on my website again.

Do not mention my name in a defaming or derrogatory manner on any other website.

You were banned (temporarily) from the original Jackwhispers website (the one created by your detractors) for blackmailing me and posting my personal information without my consent. You also lied about some financial details.

I want to note to you that everything Apple-X, Jackwhispers, or any other site mentions about you - is well documented. Whether or not your prison record is accurate, it's what the state of Tennessee reports. Whether you hold intellectual property or not, it is not searchable (except for your recent entries). (And at that - they are just trademarks) Whether or not you agree with Apple's naming policies or not - you HAVE broken them.

I will take the time this coming weekend to fully update, modify and get recorded proof once again of all my sources.

I have forwarded Apple all of our correspondence and asked that they take action a number of days ago. I will not tolerate your mutiny of the entire Apple Community any further. I am also forwarding your attorney this letter and links to your recent rumblings around the internet. If he represents you further, I will report him to the Tennessee bar for aiding in and encouraging illegal activity and for not controlling his client. As of today, I will also obtain a restraining order against you or any affiliate of DVForge, or the Campbell family. I am reporting the death threat your wife made against me to the police. I am reporting your financial claims to the State Of Tennessee for review.

Again, this email serves two purposes:

1) You are not to post in my Jackwhispers BLOG

2) You are not to email, write me, or in any way communicate with me - without an attorney letterhead or approval.



FYT said...

From an forum just two days ago:

'To clarify, the reply "by Anonymous on Jun 27, 2005 - 09:20 PM" with the beginning sentence, "Actually, under California lible law, I am obligated to..." was in fact posted by Jack Campbell for we have been tracking his IP address. Why he was not logged into the site to post this reply when he has been for all previous comments is simply beyond me. We have been tracking his comments, IP address, and we have everything on record.

Thank you for your comments on this matter.

--Trent Lapinski