Thursday, June 02, 2005

Apple Agrees to iPod Battery Replacement Settlement


Download the form for this settlement with the link above.

Here are some of the details as reported by Engadget:

Apple isn’t actually admitting any wrongdoing or misrepresentation, but they have agreed to the settlement, which stipulates that third-generation iPod purchasers who’ve experienced battery failure during an eligible one-year limited warrany extension (presumably this adds a year to the warranty you normally get) can submit a claim for either an iPod replacement or a $50 Apple Store credit (hmm, no brainer!). Those who purchased a new first- or second-generation iPod on or before May 31, 2004 and who’ve experienced battery failure within two years can choose between a $50 credit at the Apple Store (retail or online) or a $25 reimbursement check. Anyone with a 1-3G iPod purchased before May 31, 2004 who has already paid for battery-related services under the Apple Battery Replacement Program before June 3, 2005 (hurry!) is eligible for a 50 percent reimbursement.

I have to admit; I have had two 3rd generation batteries konk out on me. ( I've owned a number of different iPods within the last two years ). I will probably follow up on this lawsuit as I had a heck of a time with one. I ended up breaking the ribbon cable that goes from the line out/headphone port to the logic board of the iPod; when trying to replace the battery.

This is one of the biggest faults of the iPod in my mind. Apple could have a HUGE industry of replacement parts if they would offer an ejectable/replaceable battery model.

One thing readers should take into account:

1) This most likely will not have a negative impact on Apple financials because Apple takes out insurance on each new generation of products in case there is a recall or class action for the product. Usually, the third party that produced the recalled part is also held liable by Apple - such is the case with LG for the recent iBook battery recall. Apple will see no financial impact from this recall as LG will have to face the costs.

More details to follow ...



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