Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Where Apple DOES Get A Bad Name ...


As reported by Slashdot:

"In their latest commercial venture, Maui X-Stream, the now infamous company behind Cherry OS, has recently launched a suite of tools that once again takes advantage of GPL'd code to get their dirty work done... This time it is a set of video encoding, streaming and display tools."

As you may remember, Jackwhispers was one of the first websites to bring you news of a company called Maui X-treme - creator of the Cherry OS Mac on PC emulator.

Apparently, the Open Source Community has exposed them again. I say apparently because your Jackwhispers editor pointed this out back in October of last year - a full 7 months ago. I recognized the streaming video technology they displayed on their parent site as something I had seen done many times on the Sun website as a demonstration of Java.

This company should be stopped by Apple and Sun in a court. Because personally, I think this is a situation that gives Apple a bad name, possibly a customer support nightmare, and a weak position in the computer sales market.

Many people may start to think the G4 and G3, since they can be so easily emulated, may be weak processors. This claim has been been the opposite to Apple's merit - that the X86 platform is so weak of a processor - it is easily emulated by the RISC processor and I/O that Macs have.


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