Monday, May 16, 2005

Today's Clarification Of History Moment ... Brought to you by Jackwhispers

This weekend; this is how I described Apple's copying vs Microsoft's copying of the Graphical User Interface (GUI) or what we know as the Operating System and Finder and Windows...

Apple detractors often combat the statement: "Microsoft just copied Apple with Windows" with the come back ... "Well, Apple stole the GUI from Xerox PARC"

And yes, as in Xerox: the printer company

Xerox PARC's GUI only contained icons for verbs. ie ...Cut, Copy, Paste. There were no icons for nouns ... Preferences, Control Panels, Files ... which is where Apple innovated. Apple also invented the pulldown menu. Meaning; a stable menu where verbs and nouns dropped down to perform a task, enhance an object or document, or organize files that were in the finder.

Xerox received Apple stock (a share in the company) based on Xerox letting them SEE what they were doing, not actually getting any code or know HOW it was done.

The truth is Xerox invented the wheel and Apple invented the Ferrari.

Microsoft became the Henry Ford of the industry and to this day ... Apple produces the Ferrari & Microsoft produces the Ford


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