Tuesday, May 24, 2005

This Blurb About Blurbing


As reported by www.tauw.com:

I come across this blurb, paraphrasing Steve's response to Walter Mossberg and Kara Swisher during his D3 Q&A appearance, regarding the "Apple v. Bloggers" case:

"The law is very clear... You aren't protected by the First Amendment if you are breaking the law... and these bloggers posted documents that were Apple trade secrets. They had 'Confidential' and 'Apple' stamped on them....There are times when the court has ruled that the public good is served, that you can break the law in the service of the public good but we don't feel publishing our trade secrets rises to that."

Swisher: "Would you have sued if the Wall Street Journal had done this?"
Jobs: "We might have. But the Wall Street Journal has serious thought behind it... the thing is today is that everyone can be a journalist... we are in a gray area and we are trying to help in some small way."


This site has serious thought behind it and I ask that readers be responsible and fair to anyone whom they deliver news to!


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