Saturday, May 21, 2005

No Love For Adam Or The Apple

Lesbian Sues Apple For Racial & Sexual Orientation Discrimination

As reported by MacMinute:

Former Apple employee sues for discrimination

Former Apple employee Shaune Patterson [ a female ] is suing the company for discrimination. "This lawsuit, filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California in San Francisco, may be one of the largest discrimination lawsuits filed against Apple Computer by a Lesbian," notes the announcement. "The amended complaint, filed on May 16, 2005, alleges that Shaune Patterson was suspended for one month and then subsequently wrongfully terminated from her position, after she complained that her white counterparts, who were junior to her, were making higher salaries than she was. Patterson alleges that the suspension came one day after she complained of racial discrimination." In addition, Patterson alleges that one of Apple's managers wrote a memo describing her as a "rather obese-sized black lesbian."


This is the 2nd lawsuit for wrongful termination against Apple in the last two months. In March, Tim Bucher, who headed Macintosh Hardware Engineering, filed suit in Santa Clara County Superior Court, alleging that Apple terminated him without cause and failed to pay all due compensation, including restricted stock grants and a bonus.


This lawsuit will be added to the Your Rights, The Law, & Litigation Section on the Jackwhispers parent site.



Wayne Smallman said...

I'm a bit worried about this.

After all, is saying she is a: "rather obese-sized black lesbian." merely stating a collection of facts?

Unless she's neither a lesbian, black or over-weight, I fail to see where she's going with this .. other than the newspapers for an exclusive on publication, TV movie rights and substantial damages off the back of knee-jerk fear of politically correct legislation.

But I could be wrong...

FYT said...

I would agree:

If you ARE a rather obese sized black lesbian then if someone calls you a rather obese sized black lesbian they probably are just giving you descriptive terms to pick a person out.

Also, Apple gives a great health club benefit - why isn't she working out?

Wayne Smallman said...

Now that's just rude!

Funny, but rude...