Friday, May 13, 2005

I bought a T-Shirt @ Mac SurfShop & all I got was this lousy design...

This message appears on the website:

Closed for Good

That is right my buds, we are closing the Macsurfshop for good this time. As many of you already know, we have tried all sorts of things to try and keep the Macsurfshop profitable and online over the past year. Well, we give up. Maybe it is our designs or maybe it is that our niche is completely saturated, who knows.

The bottom line is, the Macsurfshop has become more burden than fun. For this reason, Macsurfshop will not be coming back. Well, let me take that back...If Apple were to issue us a license to print and sell items with their Apple logo, then we would re-open. But that is highly unlikely. :-(

Many thanks go out to anyone who ever ordered a Macsurfshop (or MacShirt) t-shirt. It has been an interesting 6 years. We hope that our small mark in Mac history will live on.



We will be auctioning off all our remaining stock. It will not be by the shirt, but by the bulk of inventory we have left. This will include left-overs from many of our previous design releases. Some going back as far as 4 years. We will post the link to the auction here once we take an inventory and can generate a list of what will be included.


I have to be honest ... MacSurfshop T-Shirts were lackluster at best. The Panther T's they created looked like a design they pulled from an 80's high school Trapper Keeper for a Panther mascot.

Designs were just plain stupid ... Steve Jobs is my homeboy (what does that mean? & who would want to wear that?)

"Well, we give up. Maybe it is our designs or maybe it is that our niche is completely saturated, who knows."

That attitude is why I give them the most critique and the most understanding ...

Giving up is a bad attitude ... but I also realize it's hard to compete in a market with LOTS of illegally produced merchandise.


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