Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Bill Says: Hurry Hurry Hurry Step Right Up !!

Continuing with the "______" says theme ... today's post is about Bill Palmer. Famous for the LoadPod website. A site that, for a fee, will rip your CDs for you - to an iPod.

Today LoadPod (Bill Palmer) made an announcement that LoadPod turned 1 year old! Break out the champagne! Actually, I wouldn't even toast to that with a glass of water!

You know, sometimes, inconvieniant things are just a fact of life ... I see no way that LoadPod could be making the guy wealthy or even making him break even. It also lends itself closely to fraud and theft.

Think about it ... Bill has affiliates all over the country that he has never met and just hires if you email him for the job. These affiliates could very easily just rip some of your music to their iTunes Music library too - therefore stealing your music and stealing from the artists as well. This is different from file sharing because Bill's service actually charges you for the song and "freeloading" priveledge.

Also, these affiliates are in no way certified or bonded - I would have a hard time letting a stranger have my iPod and $500+ worth of CDs.

See this previous BLOG entry about Bill Palmer titled: BillWhispers

The fact that he's also based out of Florida (the scam and spam capital of the world) is interesting to me.


Jack Campbell said...

You know, Philip, I think the number one difference between me and you is that I happen to think most people are basically good, well-intentioned, and want to do the right thing. So, I treat them with the respect that derives from that idea. You, on the other hand, can dig out the "appearance" of evil in anyone's actions... no problem. It's just the guy you are.

How can a bright guy, as young, and with as much on the ball as you have going, possibly be this cynical?

FYT said...

In this day and age - I believe most people are centered around themselves. This sentiment often leads to wrongdoing and god complexes.

With the era of self expression that blogs and the internet have provided - there has been a rise in the number of mentally and ethically challenged being able to communicate their inner mind. Sometimes these people are geniusly eloquent or elaborately connected business wise - it gives them the appearance of deserving respect.

This sense of independence and entrepreneur mania is leading people who shouldn't be in business - to want to be in business.

This site can easily be considered a cynical site. In fact, I appreciate the adjective.

The wisest men I know have always challenged wrongdoing, questioned other's behaviour, and desiring to advocate the just perspective about other's misdeeds.

Cynical? Sure.

Most inventions, most editorials or books, most movie scripts are not criticized enough. Most things aren't analyzed enough. It takes a wise man to critique, it only takes a simpleton to create!

After all, God critiqued his creation, he said, "It is good"

Then when it became bad, he said, "Noah, climb in to an ark"

When it became very bad, God sent a saviour ... who, through love for man and eloquent and meaningful parable brought a message to mankind about eternity, but more importantly ... the intricate battle and eventual defeat of evil.

Jack, when a product of mine comes to market (or not) I will be writing Jackwhispers biggest and most informative story. You'll see how the critical, cynical side of me (and the hope for the same of people such as yourself) plays a key role in success.

Now, all that said, Bill Palmer is really wierd. If he would disclose proof that LoadPod is making any money (excluding VERY questionable adsense marketing) then I might change my mind. I would imagine the disclosure would expose him as a charlatan and would jeopardize his "successful image"

A wise man once said this about me:

"You, on the other hand, can dig out the "appearance" of evil in anyone's actions... no problem. It's just the guy you are."


One other thing, wanting to do the right thing and actually doing the right thing is one of the hardest internal conflicts we face each day. Some of us are better at discerning good from evil and then acting with an eternal mind.

Fewer of us ask ourselves the cliche:

What would Jesus do?

FYT said...

Go pick up the June 2005 issue of Popular Mechanics - the Top 5 ripping services are compared - LoadPod isn't even mentioned. The article says the market cap for these companies is less than $100K COMBINED! (but growing) - It also says the top players are homebrew or large music shops with an automated system.

Anonymous said...

Jack Campbell repeatedly excuses his careless and infringing actions by carrying this philosophy:
People that object to his flouting of the rules and proprieties of business are "uptight" or "cynical" or some other negative-sounding term.

It doesn't matter if people have good intentions if they break the law. It doesn't matter if people are "basically good" if they misrepresent their products or steal/copy from others. The fact that these people are allowed to get away with their misdeeds doesn't mean that what they did was "okay." It means that they got away with doing the wrong thing.

Additionally, this website is designed to point out things that are wrong with the world of Mac and Mac products. This is not done for the purpose of drawing attention to the writer, but to draw attention to issues that impact us in a negative manner. If something is written about in a positive light, it is going to be something that is so overwhelmingly positive that it merits attention.

The reason that Jack personally has gotten so much negative attention is that . . . its the just the guy he is. If he or anyone thinks that this column is the only negative opinion or press regarding himself or his businesses they need only to do a google search on "Jack Campbell" to find out otherwise. Not much to "dig out" when its all there in black and phosphor white.