Monday, April 25, 2005

You've Added A Thief To Your PayPal Account


Just thought I would make a quick post to alert readers to a new Paypal scam that seems to be circulating ...

Some of you may be getting emails like this:


Subject: has been added as an approved email address has been added as an approved email address to your Paypal account.

If you did not make this change, click here.

The email looks official and has all the typical Paypal graphics, with blue lines.

One way Mac Users can tell a fake site is how buttons are rendered. In Safari, buttons are generally rendered with an aqua look. Most of the fake emails and websites you see will have a Windows XP appearance. This is one reason I like the aqua interface and Safari over Firefox, Opera, and Explorer.

Paypal is a secure site that is rendered dynamically on the fly, each time you access it. Therefore, buttons are rendered with the Safari look.

Most scam sites, fake sites, and phishing emails are usually graphic representations created in Photoshop to look like the real thing

Another note ... Paypal will never address you generically. They will address you by your first and last name. Never as: Paypal Member, or PayPal User ... and especially without any name at all.

NEVER click on a link in an email that can take you to any financial site - or a site that contains your password information.

It is best to make your Paypal, eBay, and banking passwords different from one another.

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