Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Would A Fan Site Post This?


There's an interesting new article posted on Think Secret or as Jackwhispers properly calls, Trade Secret ...

"A 2.5GB disc image of Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger appeared on the servers of highly regarded ripping groups this past weekend, some two weeks before its official release. Details are scarce on where the disc image, which installs Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger build 8A428, originated from but the file is slowly making its ways to more and more servers and will likely end up on file sharing networks later this week."

Why would a site post this for any other reason than to encourage people to illegally download the software ... by peaking their curiousity?

Another obvious reason, Think Secret is out to hurt Apple sales as much as possible.

Note: They also published new PowerMac specs - wonder how many people are holding off on their purchases and what dip Apple will see in their next two weeks in sales.



Anonymous said...

You wrote:

Note: They also published new PowerMac specs - wonder how many people are holding off on their purchases and what dip Apple will see in their next two weeks in sales.

With the specs they posted, probably no one... :-) Besides, this is not actually a new issue for Apple, is it? It might be annoying for them and I would not want it if I was Apple, but still, Apple isn't facing this problem for the first time.

The thing about the disc image is more interesting. I don't really want to believe Think Secret is doing this because they are evil, soulless entities who want to hurt Apple, but it is not impossible considering what they've posted

FYT said...

I agree, it's not a new problem ... but it IS a deeper problem with Think Secret...

No other website seems to have the scoops like Think Secret does. And to be honest ... most sites bandwagon on their information ... there ARE noticeable dips in weekly sales figures when this info comes out.

Sometimes the product release cycle is different from the stated release date. 1 week vs an average 2 week product shipment/credit card charge can result in SERIOUS quarterly skewing of shipping and sales estimates. It also results in Apple having to heavily discount the remaining channel inventory to clear it out.

If you don't think they have teamed with Satan himself ... how would you explain the fact they alone have knowledge of the reseller suit and WHY won't these resellers talk to ANYONE else? Trust me, several writers for VERY popular publications have made an attempt!

Anonymous said...

Do you really think TS does this to hurt Apple or more to generate more revenue through ads? If Apple filed for bancrupcy (not like in the next few weeks, of course) nobody would need ThinkSecret anymore. They're certainly not trying to help Apple, but I don't think Nick Ciarelly is like "Die, Apple, Die!"

FYT said...

I personally do believe TS is trying to kill off Apple ... I think the whole Nick Ciarelli thing is a cover for the resellers who are suing Apple.

THEY called the environmentalists to protest at MacWorld Expo this past year about Apple's recycling.

If they weren't buddy buddy with Think Secret then why aren't they dishing out the details of the lawsuit to other websites?

Why would someone who wants to help Apple consistently post stories about negative financials but has been VERY mum about he last two financial reports?

Why would website even think that peaking someone's curiousity to download Tiger would be a positive thing for Apple?

Why would Think Secret accept legal representation from someone who openly HATES Apple's iTunes Business plan?

Why doesn't Nick come out with a story that tells how he TRULY feels about Apple???

How is it possible to get such detailed information about Apple products and not PURPOSELY succomb to breaking NDAs, the UTSA, malicious conspiracy laws???

Trust me, Nick will do just fine as a harvard Grad, who has WEALTHY parents, and a HIGHLY profitable website and business venture - with or without Apple.

The Fall Of Apple could be attributed on his resume!

Anonymous said...

Isn't the picture you're painting a little too dark?

First of all, both the resellers and the environmentalists seem to have a point in their demands (as far as I know, I haven't followed the discussion much). The resellers are quite mean (Tell-on-Apple, for example), but still, if they wanted Apple dead, wouldn't it be best for them to stop selling Apple products? If Apple dies because of their actions, they would have to do this anyway.

About the NDAs: No doubt this is illegal and he knows that he or someone he listens to is breaking them. Otherwise he would have to believe that the guys at Apple are a bunch of morons which in turn would mean that he is a moron himself. And if there is a fine for this then he should be punished, even though I like reading rumours (I consider myself to be part of the interested public with the insatisficable need for news the judge mentioned in the case against AI and PP).
And he is surely not helping Apple with doing so (OK, I could argue that he gives Mac fans something to talk about. If there were no rumours, Mac fans would have to talk about flaws in Mac OS X to pass the time away and this wouldn't help Apple either). But I still do not see anything that makes the assumption of him wanting Apple dead any more attractive. What would be the point for him?

On the other hand, what would be the point in him posting stuff about the disc image? I've no answer to that either, but it casts a less positive light on him.

But as I pointed out above (kinda), Apple hasn't died from rumors yet and I don't think they ever will, considering iPod sales for example.

Anonymous said...

Apple were trying to keep the GM build from being 'leaked' until it was available to buy - hence not seeding it to ADC members. So I think TS were entirely justified in reporting it as 'news' - it was.

FYT said...

So I think TS were entirely justified in reporting it as 'news' - it was.

Let me correct you ... in this case ... they had the right to report the news. But as with most all of Think Secret editorials ... should they?

Macrumors posts TRUE rumor - Think Secret is coercing Apple employees, Apple distributors, and Apple manufacturing partners to divulge information.

Read the Save Nick vs Save Apple story to understand why people don't have to be paid cash to be paid! Hint: It's all about ego. And it's one motivation for me to write here. I make very little money off of Jackwhispers (that's changing, but still...) I do this site for ego, for recognition, because i love to write, and to increase traffic to my adzoox.com domain. I suspect Think Secret Deep Throats are no different.

FYT said...

First of all, both the resellers and the environmentalists seem to have a point in their demands

Macadam (one of the happy go sue me resellers)was one of the worst RESELLERS EVER TO SELL Macs. They had a VERY negative BBB rap sheet, several horror stories posted online, and a nasty dirty store (I visited it while in California)

Elite Computers couldn't compete with the Apple store through creativity, difference, uniqueness, management quality - so they folded.

These two companies are picking at Apple for negative reasons - the tellonapple website could easily be construed as malice.

As for the environmentalists - I have personal knowledge that they were CALLED & PROMPTED to protest - they were told they would receive a lot of noariety because of the iPod fame and because the Mac Community is so vocal. Plus, read the BLOG entry Steve Jobs: Should He Have His Mouth Washed Out w/ Soap? that is right above this entry.

Anonymous said...

Is this what a fan site would post? http://www.appleturns.com/#2

FYT said...

Yes ... because they specifically tell you the consequences and lay it out straight. They also detail how Apple could and HAS monitored people on peer to peer networks; in the past.

See ... there is a right way and a wrong way to report that information!

But either way ... it's not even news. The people that are trying to download it, no it's there - they don't need to be told.