Monday, April 11, 2005

Too Lazy To Just Take A Picture


I've had a longstanding gripe with companies that use Macs in their ads and photoshop layers on them to make them appear to work with a feature product. Usually, they also photoshop out the Apple logo as well.

Microsoft is notorious for doing this. The people that design their ads, all too often, just use stock photographs for advertisements. The reason they do is because PCs are ugly boxes. Macs have almost always had a certain design flare to them, even when they were just beige boxes themselves.

One advertisement, I remember for being a big blunder was for the launch of Windows XP. In this ad, a PowerMac 7600 was featured with an Apple 17" Monitor (no logos erased) - on the screen, was featured Windows XP. The most ironic thing about this ad was that Virtual PC, at the time, could not run XP, nor could it even run at all on a 7600.

The reason I'm entering this BLOG entry is because I found this:

This is just total laziness on the part of the Office Depot ad department and webmasters. Not only did they use a picture of a (two year old) iBook for this thumb drive, but they photoshopped a USB port right on the to the CD bay. They "reversed the picture" to hide the fact they did photoshop work. I don't think I've ever seen a CD bay open to the left of a laptop before.

If I caught that ... there would be a personnel change.

Here's a montage of pictures pulled from different Windows XP Intro Pics and videos:

click on pic to see larger image



Wayne Smallman said...

OK, here's some skinny from a guy who's worked for a design agency and knows only too well how all of this pans out:

Client wants photography doing professionally, but doesn't want to pay for it.

Also, client wants photography for a specific date but has no intention of supplying products and set & prop materials needed to meet their own deadline.

So design agency gets themselves a friend of friend who's handy with a camera .. typically a drinking mate from college.

They empty the boardroom out, tape some tracing paper to a table lamp and draw the blinds / curtains.

They get the laptop of the sales guy who's sitting out in the reception area with another client, nervously sipping his tea, wondering if he'll have his laptop back for his meeting .. which he's already late for.

Ten minutes later and the jobs a good'n .. no problem!

Photographs and dropped into Adobe Photoshop and screen shots are loaded in.

Client signs off .. everyone is happy...

Anonymous said...

I really love an example which can be seen in german newspapers: a PowerBook Titanium in an ad for the AMD Athlon 64. It says you're more secure, referring to the no-execution flag. And they're right, kinda: You're really more secure if you use a Mac instead of a Windows PC (with or without AMD CPU). But this was probably not the message they wanted to send...

I've scanned this for a school project about Apple's advertising and Apple in advertising, you can find it here: (117.5 kB)

FYT said...

They usually remember to photoshop the logo on the hood but never remember to take the Apple logos off the keyboard!

I can see the photoshop blur where they took out the Apple Logo and you can also see the one click trackpad clicker.