Friday, April 22, 2005

Steve Jobs: Should He Have His Mouth Washed Out w/ Soap

As reported by MacMinute:

Environmental concerns, a lack of women in senior roles, and Microsoft's Longhorn were the hot topics at Apple's annual shareholders meeting on Thursday. At the meeting, which was picketed by protestors, Apple CEO Steve Jobs defended the company's recycling efforts, noting it is leading the industry on environmental issues and that it took back 1,500 tons of products in 2004 through its recycling program. Jobs said the environmental activists want product recycling to be free to consumers, but that Apple's fee is in line with others in the industry. "We think $30 is a reasonable price to charge," he said, pointing out that Dell charges about $20 to recycle a PC while HP charges about $40. He also expressed frustration at Apple being singled out by activists over other companies, calling it "bullshit."

As for women in senior positions, Jobs said there are many women at the company, but said he understands that the company has a lack of female executives. "It is a deficiency we have," he said. "We recognize it and we are trying to solve it."

Jobs also gave his thoughts on Longhorn, the next version of Microsoft Windows. "They are shamelessly copying us," he said during the meeting after being asked about the operating system. He noted that Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger will be available later this month, while Longhorn is still more than a year away. "They can't even copy fast," he said. "Innovation is the only way to win. You just have to stay ahead of people."


Just a few notes:

Ask HP what they think about women in senior positions!!

Apple hates copycats!!

The environmentalist protesters are prompted by the reseller litigation prosecution!! And, I couldn't have replied to that comment with any more tact - it's BS that they are protesting ... as Apple Computers are not only recycled - they are never thrown out to begin with - most people I know, still have Macs from 1984-1989.


FYT said...

It has been my opinion all along that "the environmentalist protesters" that are protesting are plants or prompts from the resellers that are suing Apple and/or Think Secret.

Anonymous said...

Can you prove it?

FYT said...

Possibly ... at least on the former Apple VARs having influence. Then, I associate the the Apple VARs to Think Secret who gets their EXCLUSIVE INSIDE stories befor the AP or other Mac News Sites. So, easy conclusions can be drawn. I do believe I am the only website that has been able to show the connection with the PowerPage and Think Secret.

There are a lot of things I hold off on reporting - about Think Secret, Jack Campbell, other subjects of editorials here - not because of lack of proof, but because of willingness to protect my sources, remain fair to parties associated, and because ... the details sometimes just bore.