Saturday, April 09, 2005

Signatures needed ...


I was just going through the signatures on the Save Nick and Save Apple petitions.

The Save Apple Petition was started by your Jackwhispers editor and is found here:

The Save Nick Ciarelli (editor of Think Secret) petition is located here:

While reading some of the signatures I noticed this on the Save Nick petition:

Entry 5156. Alex McLarty

I find it a good sign that Nic has nearly 5500 signatures and the Anti-Think Secret petition has 92! Ha! Power to the people. Apple seem more like Microsoft nowadays...a real shame.

If you haven't read the Jackwhispers story: Save Nick vs Save Apple, make sure you do. It is an educational read. I have managed to dig up a lot more concerning this issue than just about any website. After reading it and it's associated BLOG entries found here, you should see how Apple is in the right.

Honestly, the lack of signatures on the Save Apple petition illustrates how many ignorant people there are. It also shows a lack of wisdom and knowledge of the law most people have.


Anonymous said...

You know what I really hate about this website? You tell me what I have to do all the time. You're explicitly saying that everybody who does not sign your petition is stupid. Look at the other petition: It does mainly begs Apple for pardon, sure you can understand this from a certain point of view.

FYT said...

Really?? Care to elaborate?

What have I told you to do?

I'm not saying anyone is stupid ... I AM saying that they have signed a petition without knowing the full issue. Therefore ignorant of the legal matters addressed in this case.

It does take wisdom to understand that there is no such thing as freedom of the press or free speech. The 1st ammendment was written solely for the right of the people to peacably protest the government and to educate themselves about the political process.

Apple shouldn't pardon this issue ... it undermines capitalism. It was theft (on many levels). And may possibly be a deeper issue (of malice) than anyone has considered ... did you read the article for that?

The "other petition" was poorly written, contains no factual statements, and has so far not even held up to be admirable in pre trial.