Sunday, April 10, 2005

Pat myself on the back


If you haven't noticed ... the right hand side bar has started to fill with ads. One of the decisions I have made with this site is to only promote things I believe in, even if it doesn't mean any money. Many Mac websites promote Google ADsense ads that link to very questionable sites, like free iPod scam sites and email harvesting sites that promise $300 for taking an Apple survey.

Some of the sites that are linked in Google ads contain popup and viral/spyware/adware content. It's an easy quick way to make money for a site, but I have taken the high road. I hope you appreciate that.

I will be discussing more on this topic in Tuesday's new feature story: How To Do The Things I've Done: How To Make a Successful Mac Website From Scratch.

I am quite proud of this homebrewed ad I did for Lojack Auto Theft Recovery Devices:


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