Thursday, April 14, 2005

Not Even Offering iCash Can Make It Right


I got this junk email this morning. There's nothing really wrong with doing an ad like this, but ...

This ad is trying to particularly tap in to a certain niche ... the iGraphic Designers in the Mac Community/iPod Community. Many people who KNOW this ad is a scam will still click on it out of curiousity. I did. (But only for verification to do this story)

PC users should note that ... when I tried this from Virtual PC ... adware was instantly loaded into Internet Explorer from the linked host site.

So, to associate themselves with the iPod ad campaign and then load spyware, adware, or otherwise perpetrate a scam ... it is in small ways giving Apple a bad name. Many senior citizens roaming the net will see this ad in their inbox, possibly click on it, and then see the negative affects ... then associate the problem with Apple Computer.

It goes the same for these companies that offer free "test products" - many people think Apple, in some way, must be sponsoring these programs.


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