Monday, April 04, 2005

Growing problem over a small issue


Several Jackwhispers readers have alerted me to eBay auctions that sell Apple logo merchandise.

Such as this auction:

Here is one example.

This seller happens to be less than 50 miles away from my home town. I have emailed toyz74 several times now; asking if the products they distribute are Apple licensed. In other words, do they have the right to reproduce the Apple logo?

My answer, in their abscence of one, is; most likely, "No".

While items like these may be cheaper on eBay - there is usually a reason. It's not fair to businesses like that do sell licensed/authorized merchandise.

There is a way around this - it's shady, but I have to admit I have done it myself. You could reproduce the Apple logo if it didn't totally look like the Apple logo or if you were not profitting directly from it's use.

In my case, I used to sell Apple logo like antenna toppers. I have thought about starting to sell them again.


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