Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Cherry OS "On Hold"


The amazing programming team (cough cough hack whoop cough ack kack kack) behind the Cherry OS Mac on PC Emulator have decided to place the emulator "on hold" for now. Jackwhispers was one of the first websites to bring word about this software.

Check out the original Jackwhispers article: Why The Cherry Or The Pear may Be Apple's Next Lemon

Here is the information as reported by ENgadget:

So there's been trouble a-brewin'; for the CherryOS camp since its release. If you're just tuning in now, CherryOS, which bills itself as an OS X emulator, has been accused by multiple sources of outright stealing code from the PowerPC emulator PearPC. There's been talk of mounting a lawsuit, and it looks like either something has come of that or CherryOS is being beset by a different party who is fond of lawsuits. But whatever the case, a note on the CherryOS developer’s website now indicates the project is on hold; until further notice; which surely means the dogs of law have come out in force from one front or other.


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