Tuesday, April 19, 2005

2 Simple Ways To Avoid Being Scammed On eBay


If I'm sending more than $50 to someone on eBay I take precaution.

The Apple Category is one of the highest fraud sections on eBay ... mainly because of the retail prices and abundance of pictures that are available for Macs on the internet.

Over the weekend, I emailed a seller that had listed an item in the next city over ...

I sent a question to ask if I could come see the unit in person.

Here is that conversation (spread out over several emails):

To: pecosbill2000@verizonmail.com / Frank Monterisi

Subject: Question for item #5768541126 - APPLE POWER MAC G5 WHIT 20'' LCD

Dear pecosbill34,

Can I come by and see this? I am local

__________________HIS REPLY___________________

On Apr 18, 2005, at 5:51 PM, Frank Monterisi wrote:


I must let you know that I am located in London now due the fact that my wife and my kids are here.

You can buy it now for only 2100$.

Let me know your answer asap.

__________________MY REPLY___________________

Then why did you list your location as Clemson South Carolina??

__________________HIS REPLY___________________

Because i live there.I'm in london just for 3 weeks at my family.Are you still interested to buy the g5?Please replay.


__________________JACKWHISPERS NOTE___________________

Notice how he now has multiple grammar errors. He's typing these replies very quickly ... he thinks he has a phish. Be very aware of this pattern ... quick replies, with information that doesn't match the auction should be a red flag. I also know that when I get emotional or excited about sending a reply to someone or responding in a forum, I tend to have grammatical errors too. Usually these eBay and Yahoo auction scams are being perpetrated by foreigners, so it's doubly hard for them to quickly type well thought out English.

eBay had cancelled the auction within a few hours of listing it, so I already had suspicions that it was a scam.

__________________HIS FOLLOWUP REPLY___________________

Do you want to come in london to pay in person.I will be glad because is not going to be any shipping taxes for me.First time I was thinking to shipp this g5 from here to any location whit no charges for the buyer.But if you decide to pay in person is not going to be a problem.please replay and tell me your terms.Regards!

__________________JACKWHISPERS NOTE___________________

That should seal it up for you ... be wise when buying from a non reputable dealer on the internet. There are literally 1000's of sites selling Apple items that are just waiting to take your money. I have been contemplating creating a page of known reputable sellers and eBay sellers. eBay won't allow me to create a list of bad buyers and sellers ... like I used to have on the main Jackwhispers site.

What is MACS spelled backwards?

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