Friday, March 04, 2005

Wanna find out who's a hypochondriac?


Want to find out who's a hypochondriac, just post a weird occurrance or isolated problem and watch how many people bandwagon and say they have experienced a similar "ailment"?

I believe this to be the case with this recent post @ Om Malik On Broadband:

"Friends of mine have pinged me with news that iMac G5 machines are having a meltdown. Apparently, the machines have been a hit with corporate users who are snapping up these puppies. However, most corporate employees tend to leave their computers powered up overnight. This is resulting in overheating and resulting in power supply brownouts and fan problems. Anyone else hear this news? I wonder, the popularity of everything Apple is resulting in technical problems all the time. I had the same problems with iPods in the past."

Another comment found in the replies:

[Apple was delayed in sending me replacement parts] "That suggests that it is not an isolated occurance.”

FixYourThinking Reply:

It suggests nothing of the sort.

The iMac G5 has been out for 6+ months, and only now someone burned its voltage supply accidentally? Sounds like someone forgot to dust.

Take into account some people are completely disassembling the iMac BEFORE this happens or are adding upgraded (and hotter) components. They could have bumped something/loosened something as well. Or, does anyone ever think about Power surges? It's a REAL problem!! Very few people plug their computers into surge protectors - it's the single worst mistake you make!! Most corporate computers are plugged right into the floor or wall outlets!

Most likely this is isolated due to dust/environment or maybe just within the 98.4% quality control.

Parts stock is NO indicator of wide scale problems - it may also be a sign that Apple is selling so many - it can’t even keep up with service parts. This is how the Mac Mini currently is and how the original release of ALL major revisions of the iMac have been (initial 1997 release, 1999 slot load release, 2002 LCD release, 2004 LCD release)


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