Monday, March 14, 2005


Here is a series of posts I responded to on

Originally Posted by iGary:

...this is nothing more than simple reporting, and is protected free speech. Apple has to prove damages in order to trump the free speech card.

Originally Posted by macnulty:

The judge is accurate in his interpretation of the law. Trade secrets are not public domain and are not protected free speech. There is a right to privacy.

Business plans, schematics, CAD drawings, financial/part detail contracts are NOT speech, they are physical property.

Speech is ONLY speech if it is used to deliver publicly viewable/audible information.

Many have made this point in other discussions about this topic:

Your credit card information is written down - potentially I could get a neighbor of yours to retrieve a credit card statement from your mailbox. So, if I received this information from your neighbor - am I able to publish this information freely on


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