Sunday, March 27, 2005

A Criminal Past Can't Overlook The Criminal Present


A poster in the Macrumors forums made a very keen observation:

Steve Jobs used to sell a device that let people steal long distance phone calls? Imagine if those companies had done to him what he's now doing to these people. And that was worse since Jobs was actually profiting from his illegal activity. What if someone were to do that to Apple today?

I don't exactly know how disseminating pre-builds of Tiger constitutes trade secret infringement when Apple themselves are giving builds away to anyone willing to pony up the money. This is more about money than about trade secrets.

Picture of jobs and wozniak w/ blue boxes frm

Jackwhispers reply:

Both Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak participated in what was termed as "phreaking" or phone hacking. You used to be able to exploit dial tones and access long distance carriers switches for free. They made these devices and sold them near the Berkely College Campus.

There is a difference between what they did and what these people (Tiger leak and trade secret solicitation/publishing) - they weren't caught!!!

What they did was illegal ... but they were never caught. In the case of this Tiger Leak, this was a simple slap on the wrist, but a lesson learned for the boy who did it. In the case of Think Secret, they are blatantly and obtusively breaking the law and intentionally out to hurt Apple and their reputation. They have been caught, and recognized by the courts, for breaking several laws - solicitation for breach of contract (NDA) and the Uniform Trade Secret Act for publishing the information, I suppose before all of it is over we will see Collusion, Breach Of Trust, and Libel thrown in to the mix.

For more information on the blue box ... see this link


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