Friday, March 18, 2005

The Applause Sign Is Blinking

You know, Fix Your Thinking gets a bum rap as being a critical site. Eventhough fan email outnumbers complaints & critics 4 to 1.

I think creative people should be rewarded with recognition...

1) PodBrix .... this is an artist that has decided to do limited edition lego dioramas of famous Apple people, events, and products. It is one of the most creative ventures I have seen in years.

2) Centerstage - this is an open source collaborative project aimed at bringing an interface for home theatre televisions and to organize and control media (video or audio) on a Mac - this effort was inspired by the Mac Mini and it's value as a home theatre component.

Loud cheers for these two products and patronage for their creativity would be a wise move on any Mac Head's "things to do" list.


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