Friday, February 11, 2005

Macthmaking: Why Online Matchmaking Is Better On A Mac


I was reluctant to post this story for several reasons.

1) I have met many people online. I wanted to use some of them as examples in the story

2) Some of the remarks I make come across as shallow

3) I didn't want anyone that I'm dating to think I'm still looking, used a trick on them, or was disingenuine in any way.

I think the Mac has given me a lot of advantages vs a PC User while dating. That said, I realize my being a Mac Savvy Apple Computer Consultant helps out a lot too.

Rules for online personal ads:

Not to sound mean, but if a woman puts anything OTHER than slender opr athletic - she is overweight.

I have had women send pictures to me through IM - usually these pictures are crafty shots or pics from high school.

One trick is for a woman to wear black in a picture. Another is for them to spread their arms wide.

If you browse the Yahoo personals right now, you'd find that greater than 50% of them are fakes - just ads to get an email address to solicit for porn.

eharmony is getting a lot of attention lately - their process is so boring and monotonous you forget who's who and by the time you get to open communication - most have stopped responding. And it's not just me that's noticed - but eHarmony seems to be where the ugly people like to go because they don't stress pictures.

To me, if you don't have a picture - you're hiding something.

Have any of you tried, yahoo, love, eHarmony?

Friendfinder is solictations for porn. is a local company to me - just full of fake ads is ok but I've only found repeat ads there

Good advice: before you email or communicate with anyone, examine their profiles and see if they return often. If you've dated someone, check back to see if they are STILL searching, and in quarterly intervals - check back to see if you were dating a player that just can't seem to have a meaningful relationship. If so, email the matchmaking service and tell them.

Coming Monday:

I will discuss why the Mac makes for good conversation and how it can be used to impress that special someone.



Anonymous said...

Having been an overweight woman for most of my life the sorry state of affairs is that women believe that if they can wow men with their personality then the appearance won't matter as much. This makes sense to women because honestly I have been really attracted to men because of who they are and not because of their appearance. Just like anyone I much prefer to be excited by someones appearance but, sometimes who someone is makes them sexy beyond words. This is not the case for men. They are visually attracted and that is a major component of then continuing to be attracted....I am sure the personality has something to do with it after a period of learning about each other...but its still really significant that you attract them physically. A deception of any kind will only lead to your being hurt in the long run. A friendship is even unlikely when it starts with deception....Would you be happy if you were sold a bill of goods and found out that it was something other then what the label said?

A woman of substance

Anonymous said...

FYT said... is an aggregate service - they pull listings mainly from ... it's best to search all the sites and see which people in your area are all over the sites ... I would stay away from people that are are on multiple sites.

Honestly, Yahoo Personals,, and are the best.