Sunday, February 27, 2005

Jeff Raskin Now A Sad Mac


This was only photo I could find of him (I added the sad mac)

Jeff Raskin - one of the original Macintosh Design team members passed away on February 26 2005.

Raskin joined Apple in January 1978 as the 31st employee. He later hired his former student Bill Atkinson from UCSD to work at Apple, and began the Macintosh project. He is credited with the decision to use a one-button mouse as part of the Apple interface, a departure from the Xerox PARC standard of a three-button mouse. He has since stated that were he to redesign the interface today, he would have used a two button mouse.

Not too far back, Raskin criticized Apple for making OSX in to a complicated mess of navigation and user interface, in what seems to be hard feelings towards Apple.


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