Sunday, February 06, 2005

Does anybody know anything else about this?


Finally, TV programming might get the kick of quality it deserves when Al Gore's INdTV gets underway later this year. With a galaxy of interesting names attached to his project, including Apple's Steve Jobs, to create a revolutionary news and information channel for the 18-34 demographic in America, it's going to make for interesting viewing, with Fox launching a business service and all the US networks deciding what to do with their regular output.

Having already lined up an interesting cast of talent to get the network on the air, the association with Jobs suggests that ANN the Apple News Network might actually become a reality.

Building on the concept of having citizen-style reporters tell the stories, as pioneered by OhmyNews in Korea, Gore's new channel could mark a revolution in broadcast news

I have never even heard of this ... anyone wanna shed some light on it?


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