Friday, February 04, 2005

Can we leave out the politics??


As reported by MacMinute:

In his column for BusinessWeek, Robert Barker's "The Barker Portfolio" looks at Apple's financial success and huge stock climb and ponders how this affects current and future investors in the company. "If the Bush Twins, Barb and Jenna, accessorize with iPods, as some gawkers said they had amid Daddy's inaugural celebrations, does that make the iPod more cool, or less? What about President Bush himself, who was seen iPoding late last year as he went for a bike ride? Did that spur iPod's monster holiday sales?" asks Barker. "Lately hitting a new high above 77, stock in Apple is not just high-priced -- 37 times this year's estimated profit -- but high-fashion. Which got me wondering: Besides a reflected glow as part-owner of today's most glamorous gadgeteer, what does 77 a share get an Apple buyer?"

Hmmmm ... what does President Bush or his children have anything to do with the popularity amongst political affiliations?

Kerry has a PowerBook.

Al Gore is on Apple's Board Of Directors.


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