Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Whacko @ The Expo


Protestors picket Apple & at MacWorld Expo

Full story from MacMinute

Protesters demonstrate outside Apple HQ

January 11, 2005

A group of about 20 protesters picketed outside of Apple Headquarters in Cupertino, CA yesterday, complaining about the company's policies on electronic waste recycling, reports Mercury News. The organizers say they intend a larger display outside San Francisco's Moscone Center where Macworld Expo is being held this week. "Responding to years of criticism by environmental groups, Apple now offers its customers a fee-based computer take-back program," notes the report. "And last week the company joined eBay's 'Rethink Initiative,' which promotes e-waste recycling and provides consumers with information on how to dispose of junk electronic goods."

This aside, activists say Apple has "resisted the concept of producer responsibility for e-waste and lobbied against state e-waste legislation -- despite its progressive reputation." And during the protest yesterday Smith and Robin Schneider of the Texas Campaign for the Environment dropped off a letter to Steve Jobs advising him Apple has been selected as a "2005 corporate target" in the Computer Take-Back Campaign. The group's Web site says they are targeting Apple in part because "The iLife isn't quite as harmonious as it seems. Lurking underneath Apple's beautifully designed digital music players and computers are poisonous chemicals like lead and mercury that can cause birth defects and disabilities."

Would you say Apple is the LEAST polluting of all companies based on the simple fact that the majority of Apple Computers ever MADE are either still in use or busted up for parts.

The SELF RECYCLING efforts that Apple users take is unprecedented!

I will be writing a letter to Smith and Robin Schneider to ask them if they know how much extra security Apple has to hire and legal work it requires to be paid for. As a shareholder - I'm upset. As a conspiracy theorist - Think Secret put this group up to this!

While on the topic of rumors (this week has been busy) - here is a very insightful post on Daring FireBall:

The Rumour Game


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