Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Think Secret's Secret is out in the open (updated)

Does Think Secret try to hurt Apple intentionally?

Jackwhispers brought you this story not long ago about Mac Rumor Sites: By The Time It Got To The Other End Of The Room

I added the lawsuit from Apple against Think Secret to the Jackwhispers "Your Rights, The Law, And Litigation" section.

I knew it was only a matter of time for Apple to come down hard on this site.

I only hope they go after them for other reasons - I think Think Secret is maliciously trying to hurt Apple. I also suspect that it is fueled by former disgruntled Apple Employees and Elite Computers and MacAdam (two Apple resellers that despise Apple and have pending litigation)

Here's some insightful (short but sweet) comments I found on Slashdot:

"Apple could have absolutely no plans to market a cheapo iCrap. And some webby out their saying otherwise could actually screw with their suppliers and technology development partners who might feel blindsided."


About Osbourne Rumors and Product Announcements Ruining The Company"

"The final blow occurred in 1983, when Adam Osborne boasted about an upcoming product months before it could be released, killing demand for the company's existing products. It is unclear whether this boast was about the Osborne Executive, which was released in May 1983 for $2,495 and featured a 7-inch screen and did not sell as well as its predecessor, or, more likely, the Osborne Vixen, a smaller portable that promised to offer compatibility not only with earlier Osborne models but also with MS-DOS, allowing it to run software designed for IBM and Compaq computers. Dealers rapidly started cancelling orders for the Osborne 1."


I can imagine something like this.
1. Jobs tells crew to make a $500 iMac.
2. Apple personnel set out to design and produce a cheap iMac with that goal in mind
3. Rumor leaks to press
4. Everyone gets excited
5. Financial people sit down to figure out how to sell it without going bankrupt based on current costs to make it
6. Find out they can't sell it cheaper than $750 and set a price there
7. Jobs announces it at macworld, the audience boos, the press rip them a new ass, all the while missing the fact that it's a damn good computer for the price
8. Stock goes down in flames


This followup [as reported by MacMinute]

January 6 2005   "The publisher of Think Secret, who uses the pseudonym Nick dePlume, has made his first comment on Apple's lawsuit against his rumor site. dePlume told Reuters that Think Secret was confident it was within its rights to publish the material. "We're confident that Think Secret's reporting is consistent with the right and privileges granted by the First Amendment," dePlume said. "The complaint is being reviewed, and Think Secret defers further comment until it has been analyzed." Apple said in the suit that it is not trying to step on the First Amendment. "Apple does not seek to discourage communication protected by the free-speech guarantees of the United States and California constitutions," Apple said. "These constitutionally protected freedoms, however, do not extend to defendants' unlawful practice of misappropriating and disseminating trade secrets acquired through the deliberate violation of known duties of confidentiality."

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