Friday, January 21, 2005

Save Nick vs Save Apple


The petition online site says:

"These petitions are simply that - petitions. It is possible to manipulate the results. We feel that the overwheming majority that sign an online petition agree with the premise, however we cannot warranty the authenticity of any who signs it."

A little journalistic digging uncovered an interesting detail.

The Powerpage - which briefly became is considered a business venture/client of The Deplume Organization. In other words - Jason O' Grady of the Powerpage (whose site has gone down the toilet in the past year) is somehow related to all of this. The Powerpage WAS issued a subpoena for involvement in the "dispensing of trade secrets" as well - it was just Think Secret that is being sued though.

I find it very interesting how The PowerPage and Cnet (a ZDnet property) seem to pick up and "give credibilty" to anything that comes up on Think Secret.

Here is a history found within a Google search [ bold is Jackwhispers emphasis ]:

...with a bit of backing from upstart media firm Perial Media, Think Secret went live at, bringing the site to thousands of visitors.

What's changed since day one? A lot.

Think Secret has since transformed from a small fan-style website to a viable and profitable business, and the dePlume Organization LLC was founded around it, managing the sales and marketing end of the site. Our staff has grown from a single webmaster (myself) at the beginning to several regular contributing editors, along with an uncountable amount of occasional contributors. Several other staffers have also been added to the business side of things, assisting in advertising sales and corporate strategy. Pageviews have gone up, and are continuing to increase. In addition to new visitors from links on other websites, we have a solid and steadily increasing regular readership - people who bookmark Think Secret and check out each and every update.

[ Jackwhispers note: Either this KID is lying or something fishy is going on here - this history was placed on the internet by Nick Ciarelli WHEN HE WAS 15!!! ]

Think Secret has also had a variety of business relationships. Originally backed by Perial Media, it was a member of Perial's experimental MacLoop Network for several months. In December of 1999 the site officially became a complete property of the dePlume Organization LLC, and under our supervision, the site became a premiere member of MacOS daily's International Network, in April 2000.

In January of 2000, Think Secret finally got a real design, thanks to David Portela and WebDawn MultiMedia. Up until then, the design had been variations and minor improvements upon the same uninspiring theme that the site had launched with, edited with mediocre WYSIWYG editors (anyone remember Netscape Composer?). In March of 2000, Think Secret launched the Infinite Loop, an email discussion list for Mac pros to discuss Apple rumors and news.

First and foremost, I have to thank Think Secret's readership, who have supported us for one full year. Also, kudos to all of the sites that have linked to Think Secret or referenced our articles - both recently and in the past. Many sites have done this, but I'd like to particularly thank Phil Pearson, Ladd Morse, and Ruben Cervantes at MacSurfer's Headline News for their continued support. And as always, the site could not survive without our past and current lineup of sponsors,: infiniMedia, MacGurus, PepeSearch, Fantom Drives,, The MacSmith,, PowerMax, and Galleon Software. Finally, thank-yous to: the gang at the MTK board, |trev, Matthew Rothenberg, Kevin Gaussoin, Carson Baker, Mac the Knife, John Majhor, David Nelson, Ji-Shim, Robert Morgan, Kunoh, CHON, Aaron Swartz, Gando1f, MacLiving Magazine, MacDirectory, and David Portela, and to Adam Denker and the entire MacOS daily iNet, Charles "Option8" Mangin, Chris Freemott, Jade Hansen, Calvin Bluestone, the staff at the dePlume Organization LLC, and an uncountable number of anonymous behind-the-scenes characters. And to everyone whom I've forgotten to mention - you all know who you are.

As always, there are a few more surprises for the future here at Think Secret. Stay tuned.

-Nick dePlume
Publisher and Editor in Chief, Think Secret


• - no longer in business - was a lottery drawing scam site
• Perial Media - forced out of business for questionable content/low performance stock
• fantom drives - WORST customer support I have EVER dealt with - cost a customer of mine $1000's of dollars
• Mac Living Magazine - no longer published
• Pepe Search - a known distributor of spyware for PCs
• Most of the names mentioned are THE VERY people who distastefully argue against me in forums around the internet on this issue and have sent me nasty emails
• Some of these people work for Apple developers and distributors and are OBVIOUSLY some of the sources giving this information away like free pens at a BIC convention.


Interesting stuff uncovered about Nick's new legal representation, Terry Gross of Gross & Belsky LLP:

Question asked in the Macrumors forum:

So is he paying this attorney or is the lawyer doing it pro bono

Most likely the lawyer will try to do this for notariety. That said, his choice of lawyer was very poor because it's the same lawyer that defends who runs these two websites

And also ran a bogus contest to collect pepsi caps during last year's super bowl promotion.

This same lawyer defends the illegal file sharing sites like SuperNova.

[ Note: I do not think ALL p2p is illegal ]

As for whether he could afford it or not and whether Nick Ciarelli is playing to our heartstrings. How many Harvard kids do you know come from poor families? (there are some I know)

And, either he's lying here or he making pretty good money:

"Think Secret has since transformed from a small fan-style website to a viable and profitable business, and the dePlume Organization LLC was founded around it, managing the sales and marketing end of the site. Our staff has grown from a single webmaster (myself) at the beginning to several regulars...

Again, I just want readers to note the theme of the people that are being dealt with here. Terry Gross represents a website and SEVERAL other entities that HATE APPLE!!! This lawyer despises the iTunes Music Store.


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Anonymous said...

My own feeling about it was that Think Secret (in achieving a degree of accuracy that can only be a result of people breaking their NDAs) becomes analogous to the old Head Shops, that sold drug paraphernalia. Nothing they actually sold was, strictly speaking, illegal. But the only uses for most of their products WERE illegal. And so Head Shops were made illegal, too.