Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Proof of a Kon Man!


Jackwhispers brought you the story "What a Kon" about Confabulator's creator Arlo Rose blasting Apple for releasing a Konfabulator like application in the next major release of OS X.

Today's keynote announcement and demonstration of "Dashboard" should put any doubt to rest. This new application is very powerful and VERY different.


Dashboard - “Get in, find something, get out” Controller for iTunes, world clock, measurement converter. Dictionary and thesaurus (applause).Translation, yellow pages, weather. The keynote crowd laughed at a stock ticker showing Apple and Pixar up and Microsoft down. Widget bar is overlaid under dock. Widgets appear with a ripple effect.

eBay has developed a widget for it to track auctions

Steve Jobs was demoing controls on “back” of widgets. They flip around like the tiles in that tic tac toe beanbag toss game “Toss-across”


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