Friday, January 14, 2005

Jack Classics Archive

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* added by popular request * The Worst Date Ever For An Apple Tech

* awarded Best Writing by Digital Culture

* Worst Date Ever Followup* The Best Date Ever

How To Avoid An Auction Scam Without Really Trying

Mac Fanatics Cause iVirus

Rumor Has It: Apple Doesn't Like Rumor Sites

Should It Be Spelled Rebate or ReBait?

Paypal Ain't My Buddy

Blaming It On PeePee in Coke

Scamming Scammers & The Scheming Scammers Who Scam Them Back

Is It A Sin To Buy A Mac?

You Got To Be Real!

The Lame Game Of Using The Same Name

Why The Cherry Or The Pear May Be Apple's Next Lemon

The Headless Horseman's Identity Revealed

Audion Is Now AudiOff

Websites That Help: Yeah, Help Void Your Warranty

The Absolute Cheapest Way To Get An iPod This Christmas

Another Day, Another iPod Scam: About

Save Nick vs Save Apple: Followup to Think Secret Litigation

The PowerPage Has Lost Power

Your iSkin Color DOES Make A Difference

A Jacked Up Virus: Unintentionally Ruining The Mac Forever

Death & Macses: Tax Time Notes To Mac Users

Are You Calling Me A Dummy?

Tiger Direct Is Just A Pole Cat

No Support From The Mac Support Store

DLO Says DL NO to DVForge

Kill Bill Pt III: The True Story Of BillPalmer & LoadPod

The Other Side Of OtherWorld Computing: The True Story of OWC and CEO Larry O'Conner

I've Got 2 Other 4 Letter Words For The Kids @ SMASHMYIPOD.COM: WASH & SOAP

I Hate Children & Their Little Laptops Too

You Gotta Be Berserk To Use An eBay Listing Company

BS Follows BR: About Bleu Rose Software Leaving The Mac Market

5 Things Steve Jobs Has Misled Us About In The Last 30 Years

Do you have a Mac? No! Then Never Mind! What's up with this (916) 399-7992 number claiming to be Apple?

Do You Love Movies, But Hate Watching Them?

The Continuing Saga Of As the Apple Turns: Where Is Jack Miller?

Kim Is Dim When It Comes To The Mac: All About Radio Talk Show Host Kim Komando

An iLoad of Drama: All About Wingspan Investment Partners and Their CD To iPod Device

Jim Louderback: The Louder Mouth On The Today Show

Apple AMD ARM ATi & why it could all be a Pain in the "A"

A 3rd Party To BS About Apple Security

Be Careful, He Sells Snake Oil In His Other Job

Apple Naming Policy

The 7 Goons Of The Mac World

"No, It's Not About That At All ... BusinessWeek & Other Tech Analysts Just Can't Seem To Understand Apple's Success. It's Pop Culture. That's It!"

How To Get Out Of A Cellular Contract So You Can Get An iPhone

Is Digg A Malice Machine In The Mac Community?

Doing Disney! The Ultimate Review & Tip Guide To All Things Disney World! Part I: Tickets!

Doing Disney! The Ultimate Review & Tip Guide To All Things Disney World! Part II: Budgeting Your Time, Money, & Psyche!

Doing Disney! The Ultimate Review & Tip Guide To All Things Disney World! Part III: Observations.

Use Your Blog To Make A Business Expense Out Of Your Vacation

An F With 2 Lines Through It Is An A+

Universal Aims To Make A Profitless iTunes Music Store

The Untruthful Truth: A Little Opinion About Al Gore's Nobel Peace Prize

5 Odd Ways The iPhone Has Saved Or Made Me Money

Bidzirk vs Smith archive

Bidzirk vs Smith Summary

Kevin Elwell: This Is An Apology? This Is An Outrage! Bidzirk Attorney Makes Outrageous, Untruthful, & Insincere Blog Post!

How To Get 3G On The Apple iPhone With No Hacking Or Dissassembly

Apple: The Only Company Capable Of Revolutionizing The Car Industry

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