Wednesday, January 12, 2005

G4 officially becomes G4 again


If any of you followed the previous Jackwhispers story about TechTV getting bought by Comcast and merging with the Comcast Channel G4 - you'll know what a disaster the network has become.

Well, in mid-February, it looks like G4TechTV will officially become G4. Removing the very last piece of what was once a VERY good cable channel and an invaluable resource.

After Comcast announced the merger and I saw G4 content - I dropped extended cable from my bill. After I found out that I could get all the channels in basic just through rabbit ears - I dropped cable altogether.

This was a ploy by Comcast to get on satellite and on Charter and Time Warner cable systems.

I have noticed (although have to admit I watch the channel maybe 15 minutes a week now) that Comcast is advertising.

Charter Communications has a large hub in my area and from what the "higher ups" have told me - they are quite angry.

I haven't understood why the former employees and show hosts don't band together for a class action lawsuit for wrongful termination.

I also don't understand why us geeks (who don't want mindless gaming shows 24/7 and miss the older content) can't ban together and find an attorney that will sue Comcast for collusion and misrepresentation.

It's obvious (especially with this move) that Comcast had NO INTENTION to keep TechTv or any of it's content.

It's a shame Leo Laporte moved to TechTV in Canada!


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