Saturday, January 08, 2005

Am I My Brother's Keeper? (updated)


Micheal Dell has publicly had this conversation:

Interviewer: "Mr Dell, what is your research & development budget?"

Micheal Dell: "What is Apple's? Apple does everyone's R&D in the PC industry"

With comments like that and "out of no where" hits like the iPod, everyone is CLOSELY watching Apple. If competitors; like Creative, would have gotten a hold of the iPod, they most likely would have made a deal with Toshiba as well. Toshiba had EXCLUSIVE contract dealings with Apple for the hard drives in the original iPod. That carried to larger hard drives - Apple had 20 and 30GB WAY before everyone else did (in the 1.8" size)

Revealing Apple trade secrets hurt Apple. Many have said Apple should be the ones at fault here for not having a tighter lipped unsinkable ship. One of the best stories in the Bible - "Am I My Brother's Keeper?" comes to my mind. Of course this begs the answer, "yes". But truthfully, we cannot control any one. We have the responsibility to follow what is just and right.

Every Jackwhispers page contains a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King:

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"

Think Secret's encouragement of injustice to Apple is a threat to innovation, capitalism, and bottom lines. Spreading gossip and rumor is not news - solely relying on this type of content is loathsome and unethical.

Think Secret's defense that The Enquirer does it - isn't even valid. People smoke marijuana too. It's legal for certain uses in certain states and legal to smoke in Amsterdam. Does this give Think Secret's Nick Deplume to smoke marijuana out in public in the US?

Rumor and gossip (read as slander, libel, manipulation, and halftruth) is NOT a protected freedom. I would equate to the most common example given for the constitutional right.

• You may speak freely out in the public. You may not speak freely inside a movie theater.

• You may shout out for emergency due to fire if the threat is real. You may not shout out "Fire" if one does not exist.

• You also may not go into a building and shout, "fire" if you have heard a fire hazard exists and you saw someone smoking!

Think Secret rarely speculates (that's what rumors are= speculations/prognostications) - they always have apparently coerced or received information from the disgruntled.

Does it not bother anyone that Think Secret knows the reseller lawsuit a little too intimately? Has anyone ever thought that Elite Computers and MacAdam could be behind a good portion of this constant "stealing thunder from Apple at the expense of Apple sales and exploiting Apple fans desire to see new products"

It has gone way beyond buzz. Reuters, CNet, & all major stock analysts are NOW PINNING Apple stock targets on a headless sub $500 iMac and a flash iPod.

Even if true, anyone who has spoken of these things have done so at the expense of our favorite company.

Apple spends a lot of it's budget on R&D and makes big deals with BIG companies.

I would expect if I was a trendsetter (which I am * wink*) - that my colleagues would have the courtesy to keep mum. I don't profit or prosper by seeming to follow the crowd. I profit by being a leader.

Update: Rumors sites are trying to defend themselves by comparing their rumors to The Enquirer (celebrity tabloid, etc) Since when does The Enquirer talk about financial advice? (see below posted on AppleInsider) Think to yourself closely, doesn't this sound like Goldman Sach's telling investors to hold off to see if any of the rumors are true? Wait, why is Apple's stock at one year low for purchasing right now? Volume was down dratically last week!

"However, Goldman Sachs [investment firm] cautioned investors until after Macworld Expo and maintained an "in-line" rating on the company: "While we remain extremely positive about Apple's fundamentals and continue to look for entry points, we think that investors would be better served to wait until after Macworld and Apple's earnings when the stock's 2005 outlook can be judged in a more settled light."


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