Friday, December 31, 2004

Quit calling it that ...

I'm not sure if this headless iMac will materialize - that is being rumored, but if it does; I wish people would quit calling it a "loss leader":

Here's a few facts:

• It sounds like an iBook without an LCD, built in keyboard/trackpad, and no battery

• Apple's profit margin on the iBook is about 24%

• LCD cost is about $200
• We'll call it a wash on the keyboard/trackpad for optical mouse & USB keyboard
• Sans battery - probably $40 cost to Apple.
• There are a few other components that will "be less of an iBook" - let's just subtract another $20 (eventhough that may be too low)

If we go with the low end iBook - I see this costing Apple about $325-$400 to produce

Wow, whatta you know same* average profit margin 20% (maybe slightly lower)

[UPDATE] This eventually became the Mac Mini


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