Friday, December 10, 2004

PayPal Ain't My Buddy

Apple is now accepting Paypal for the iTunes music store

I posted this @ Macrumors in the forum discussing the topic:

"One of the MAIN reasons Apple is doing this is because Paypal most likely saw that people were paying with their Paypal debit card and getting 1.5% back.

When an item goes for pennies it sucks for paypal and for the merchant. I'm sure both companies are gaining by this.

Anyone who says paypal sucks has just had an atypical experience or is just a nut.

And don't point anyone to - it's a scam site itself to try to get you to sign up with Ikobo and Yowcow payment services"

The original BLOG entry:

This story was a matter of concern for me. I discovered that was sponsored by PayPal's competition and that the majority of posts there were inflamatory rants seemingly made by those out to destroy Paypal at any cost.

The owners of had a very interesting business behind it as well.

I also noticed that a lot of scammers used a description like this in their auctions on Yahoo:

"I don't accept paypal because they rip off your money - don't believe me, see here" (with link to

This gives the impression the seller is on the up and up. After all, he's warning you of a scam right?

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