Thursday, December 16, 2004

An iPod shortage???

One of the missions of FixYourThinking is to present a problem seen within the Mac Community, but then to resolve it with a solution or a suggestion to make things better.

I hate when Mac news sites post a story such as this {It only proves they aren't news sites - just repackagers]:


"The Wall Street Journal reports that major retailers across the US are having trouble with iPod shortages this holiday season. "Many of the most-popular models--including some of the colorful, diminutive iPod minis and the 20-gigabyte white iPod--are out of stock through, and other Web sites. Target stores in Chicago and the San Francisco Bay Area say they are out of many iPods, as does J&R Electronics, a big electronics store in New York. Best Buy is out of most iPods on its Web site, although a company spokesman says the vast majority of its stores 'have at least one' iPod in stock."

I have been to quite a few electronic retailers over the past week.

Fry's Brick & Mortar stores and CompUSAs seem to have ample stock - at least in 5 Southern US cities I have been to.

Remember, you can call ANY store up and ask to speak to the manager and have them mail you anything in the store. That is of course if you are willing to pay.

Remember your local Mac Resellers and Radio Shacks too!

Try big cities in small population states!

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