Tuesday, December 28, 2004

In the year 2000 ... In the year 2 THOU SAAAAAAAND!

I just read this story at Engadget:

The stolen GSM phone database

This was kind of always something we’d hoped or assumed existed in every cellphone company’s dark su-basement, underfunded and otherwise unused. That it didn’t exist is unsettling, but at least they’re making their way now, yeah? So the GSM Association (the consortium of GSM network operators, which includes T-Mobile and Cingular in America, of course) has finally gotten around to setting up a simple database that tracks stolen GSM phones. You don’t even have to know your IMEI, too; when you report your phone as stolen, your carrier uploads the data to the DB, and the next time the phone is used they’ll triangulate your location and the perp’s totally busted. Sweet, sweet justice.

This is pretty awesome. I lost my phone a few weeks back.

As cellphones get more and more feature rich and hold more and more data - this is almost a MUST.

The question is - are they going to return the phone to the original owner?

The other question would be - wouldn't it be great to have a GSM cellphone (with SIM card) built in to a laptop? Then if they get online using the GSM portion - sirens sirens sirens!

I wish i could offer this as part of the Hijacked & Stolen Registry - as an actual hardware solution.

If Apple would or could integrate an iPod into a cellphone - think about what a great feature this would be!!! Never get your iPod stolen - at least not without consequences!

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