Wednesday, December 22, 2004

By The Time It Got To Other End Of The Room

I have always been of the opinion that Nick Deplume [the alias of the editor] of Think Secret holds a hatred for Apple Computer for some reason. All the stories posted there seem to have some sort of "twist" to them that try to steal the thunder from an Apple announcement or just be downright negative.

The most recent story on Think Secret is about an iPod shortage. [See this Fix Your Thinking entry] The negative spin placed on the article is that Apple probably will disappoint investors and not meet the "4 million iPods sold this quarter" forecast. My personal belief is that Apple has actually produced and will continue to produce close to 5 million iPods and HP iPods this quarter and will FAR exceed analysts expectations.

I will concede that Apple should FORCE resellers to post a sign that says - if out of stock, order from If several stores are out of stock - many people will just "go with the other brand". But let me say this to parents and to readers in general: There is NO SUBSTITUTE FOR THE IPOD No one has a better package with better support and 3rd party accessory compliment - EVER IN HISTORY - yes HISTORY! There are more things made for the iPod than the Sony Playstation! The iPod is sold in more outlets worldwide than BATTERIES!

As for MacOSRumors (not to be confused with MacRumors) - This site has pretty much been erased into oblivion and I question the marketing departments of ANY of its advertisers.

SpyMac - well - I just can't stand this site or it's main user base. They continue to post rumors scattered over the forums - which breaks the terms of an official Mac User's Group - which they claim to be.


Here is a link to the 1st time Apple sued anonymous sources over product leaks

[UPDATE] MacOSRumors continues a trail of lies to get money & hits - this past week it reached a ridiculous level. The following was posted this past week:

As many of you know, frequent Rumors editor Toby Braun was involved in a multi-car pileup last week and was without insurance at the time. He has recently begun waking up and his prognosis for recovery is good. He has only been able to speak a little so far and is still heavily medicated, but Toby has definitely expressed thanks more than once for everyone's generous donations and words of support. Although himself recovering from serious complications of an old cycling injury, the site's founder and administrator Ryan Meader has been on hand to rally the troops and is working to develop several new sites for the Organization including a revamped version of MOSR that is very nearly ready for a public beta in February.

From all of us here, thank you! It's been an honor to have the opportunity of the past nine years, and we think you'll be pleased with what we have in store. As always, running a good site boils down to giving the readers what they drop us a line and let us know what you think!

Tangier Clark writes: I have been reading from several sites the notions of a possible 30-inch monitor from Apple. Just curious if there have been any more developments on this rumor. How well-based is it? I am interested in purchasing the 23-inch, but if knowledge of this monitor surfaces with the intent of being available in the near future, I may hold off on that purchase.

There is a very strong body of evidence in reports from all over the globe corroborating Apple's efforts over the past five months to develop and bring to market a much larger display not only for use with high-end workstations but also as a home entertainment system for high-end HDTV. Although it's been a while since any major new information has come in on the subject, as of the past few months, we had good reason to believe that Apple had committed to orders of a 30-inch LCD display panel with industry-leading image quality, brightness, contrast, and resolution from at least two vendors.

As always, the factor that is most difficult for us to comment on with confidence is timing. Apple has already passed several milestones mentioned in some of the older documents we had been basing our projections on in the past, without any word on stand-alone display updates. Reportedly, the blame lies with stubborn, hovering LCD prices that aren't falling as Apple had hoped; until the price drops arrive and Apple can make the room in its price structure for the 30-inch panel or some similar advance in size and features, timing is at best a big honking question mark. We still expect an update of some sort soon, with new enclosures to match the Powermac G5 and some price drops to boot, but whether the new high-end panel will arrive that soon is an open question.

The company was also taking bids as recently as six weeks ago for even larger displays, and not necessarily just those based on common TFT LCD technology but any range of emerging technologies such as OLED, advanced Plasma, or anything else that Apple's various display contractors could come up with under $5,000. Some bidders reportedly offered up panels as large as 42 inches! "

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