Wednesday, December 29, 2004

BS follows BR

This was found on the front page of the website:

"The release of Black & Bleu™ v10 marks the end of our participation in the Macintosh software marketplace.

The shrinking number of Mac users, the increasing reluctance of those users left to actually pay for software products and the apparently significant number of thieves willing to steal rather than pay at all coupled with Apple's seeming lack of concern about compatibility across its product versions and the alarming problem with its software quality (over 100,000 new bugs reported during the months of October & November, 2004 alone) has combined to render Mac OS software development unprofitable for us.

So with this final release of Black & Bleu™, we will be exiting from the Mac application marketplace and focusing our attention on other areas of endeavor.

Bleu Rose Ltd. will continue to exist but with a much different product direction in the future.

We will continue to make copies of our current products available here on our web site for the next several months."


The standard version is $30, while the pro version is $130.

Yikes! Nobody could afford it! Another reason?

Here's a link to the "no-so-great" reviews Black & Bleu gets @


Anonymous said...

Posted in the MacNN forum on this subject:I suspect Google took over their niche. When you have an obscure error code, are you more likely to spend $30 on a database which you may not even be able to get to, or do a quick Google Groups search?

Anonymous said...

DocB here.

I guess the most telling thing about Bleu Rose is the fact that when they leave the Mac market that is the first time you ever hear of them. Oh well. Goodbye Blue Rose. Good luck in what ever the heck it is you do.

FYT said...

The Jackwhispers sentiment exactly ... no matter how bad the software is I suspect we'd have heard a lot more about this company if they were free to $5.00 items.

I wish they would post here and just release how many people actually paid for it. I'm going to suspect less than 20 in the 8 years it's been on line.