Friday, December 17, 2004

Apples sues someone but no one

Apple sues over trade secret leak

Possible candidates from recent rumors:

• Flash iPods ( low probability - because I don't see this happening )

• Satellite iPods using Sirius Sat Radio ( low probaility - because I just don't think the two could be integrated right now and just doesn't seem like Apple )

• Apple Asteroid Firewire Audio Interface ( high probability - Apple has found new life in catering to the audiophile )

• Apple iPhone ( high probability - I have been made aware by my own sources in Moto that this HAS been "on the table" for some time - I also think THIS is the reason Apple is partnering with Flash media )

• New PowerBooks, eMacs, G5 Xserves ( high probability - but not likely the focus of this suit )

• Apple Tivo ( low probability - Steve jobs doesn't like to record commercial video for some reason )

• Apple PDA ( medium probability - this hasn't been discussed recently - but Steve Jobs said they have developed but never brought a unit to fruition - I think Apple may try it out sometime before 2005 ends )

That's all I can think of...

[UPDATE] This ended up being over The Asteroid Audio Device

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