Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Another Day, Another iPod Scam

I have to give credit to the creator of IPODMYPHOTO.COM for 3 things:

1) Entreprenurial spirit

2) Great website design and idea

3) Providing me with an editorial topic in an other wise VERY slow week

Tomorrow, in this BLOG, I will give a little background history to the Apple iPod ad and show how even it may be a copy of prior art. I will also use the tutorial that I linked to in the story to create my own iPod ad and give a timed result.

I believe this wouldn't have been so bad if the price was $5 or if the creator had designed an applescript for Photoshop or even a full blown program, but $20 is just robbery. You can be a novice in photoshop and do this in less than 20 minutes.

Here is a comparison of fonts to use in the iPod ad, if you decide to create one yourself. From a Google search, it seems Applw uses the Myriad font in the iPod silhouette ads.

Update: Comments in the BLOG seem to think by just changing an existing iPod ad I must be missing the point.

It took me 9 minutes and now I know a few things, another picture would probably take much less time.

I took a picture from this story on Yahoo News:


Update: A new website with an innovative idea that SHOULD be marketed - based on this same concept



Anonymous said...

I found this on engadget.com -


Anonymous said...

I don't get your point - you took an already existing ipod ad and made it purple and changed the text?

I'm confused. I think ipodmyphoto is taking any picture and creating an ipod ad type picture out of it- I don't see how your changing an existing ad from blue to purple proves anything.

Am I missing something?

FYT said...

Yes, I realize this is what IPODMYPHOTO is doing...

My point was how easy it is to change even the seemingly complex parts of the ads.

If you have a picture - all you have to do is isolate the subject [a person or persons or an animal or whatever you want to be the silhouette]

You then cut the pixels - fill in with black or just do the inverse filter

Next fill in a flourescent background color - and viola

Nothing to it - took me exactly four minutes to create the ad I did - would have taken me 7-10 minutes to do a full ad which I intend to post tomorrow. I just didn't have the time this morning between my other duties.

I'm sure Patrick Swayzine has this down to a science where it will take him 5 minutes tops for even the most complex photo.

The POINT is $20 is robbery!!!

Anonymous said...

Im not sure what the hell a photoshop filter is, those are some pretty sweet pics they did though. Whatever - Jeff W.

FYT said...

See the story again

FYT said...

Sweet or not - pay a starving artist $20 - not this guy!

At max you are looking at 30 minutes.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I'm out of line here, but you are making the case for ipodmyphoto.com with that image you created. Based on the image you created, $20 might be a fair price to pay for one that looks like the samples on their site.

Anonymous said...

duncan hunter = jabba the hut

FYT said...

I will actually agree with you - my photoshop skills are not the best in the world - but what I did took less than 10 minutes - that is my point. I'm sure someone who is even mildly talented in photoshop could do this. It wouldn't be hard to find someone that would either do this for free because of the novelty, or even pay you for the idea if you pointed them to the tutorial.

To pay $20 or for this guy to charge $20 is just ridiculously greedy.

Anonymous said...

congress + california? I dont get the joke.

FYT said...

I honestly just made it up as quickly as I possibly could.

Congress + California means nothing except he represents Congress on homeland security and represents California - - I just wanted to illustrate how quickly a simplistic photoshop of this could be done.

A friend of mine told me it would just be easier to use a negative, turn it into a stamp and place it over a flourescent background. She said she could do just about any picture in 4 steps and less than 5 minutes.

Mikey said...
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