Monday, December 20, 2004

The 2 worst give us the 10 worst

Here is Jim Louderback of PC Magazine mention for worst Desktop PC of the year:

Apple's the entry-level eMac really does represent Think Different. That's because for a company that prides itself on quality, this computer is different. As in bad. On the plus side, it's stylish. On the downside, it's slow, underpowered, and pathetic. The 40GB hard drive will fill up quickly, the lack of a DVD burner makes offloading files impossible, and the Radeon 9200 graphics card won't even run this fall's hot Mac games. And at around $800, this eMac ain't cheap. If you're considering a home Apple, think different. Buy a Dell. Or be prepared to spend a lot more for an acceptable Apple computer. Our Desktop Product Guide can lead you to the best Apples, along with the best of the rest.

This was my slashdot response to this:

The two worst PC industry commentators of the year

Jim Louderback [this story's writer]

John C Dvorak [mentioned in this story as having a credible opinion]

Both of these guys are Mac haters and neither have a valid merit to make any statement about the Personal Computer or electronics industry.

See these two Fix Your Thinking stories for more background:

Gee, four Reasons Not To Watch TechTV
The Headless Horseman's Identity Revealed

[UPDATE] ( posted @ PC Mag under this article )

Jim you are such a wannabe journalist.

You post John C. Dvorak as a credible PC columnist and you rag on one of the top Apple computers with false misleading statements.

You didn't mention that:

• you CAN get a superdive in an eMac
• you CAN get one for less than $600 (regularly from the special deals section @ Apple)
• eMac G4 processors are the equivalent of 2X (almost) of a PC counterpart 1.25GHz G4= 2.2Ghz Pc
• You get iLife, MacOSX, and AppleWorks + Quicken on any eMac
• You DO NOT have the virus/spyware tax on a Mac
• The $499 -$799 PCs are really $250 higher just try to get one from Dell
• Dells and Gateway's prices are after rebate - rebates usually process in 3 months
• The video on the Dell is integrated and shared with the motherboard RAM = a lot slower
• Most games I have tested that are ported to the Mac (Call of Duty, Unreal, Sims) all perform VERY well

Didn't your commentary over Macworld get you demoted at TechTV? Didn't John and your own comments just constantly being wrong and bashing Apple get you both almost completely off the air there? Where else are you guys gonna go - because there is a rather big effort starting at Slashdot for letters to your editor to remove the two of you.

[UPDATE] AUG 2007: Louderback replaced / resigned / fired

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