Monday, November 22, 2004

What's In Store For Apple . . .

I think many analysts are discreditting Apple's cleanliness and organization and the fact that Apple Stores are destinations as a reason the Apple Stores are doing well.

I perceive that the iPod and iMac are helping sales, but more and more people are being exposed to The Apple Store as they become more prevalent.

Do you own an Apple Computer related business? How do you draw customers?

Here are the REAL reasons Apple is gaining marketshare:

These are a few of the REAL reasons:

- Stores
- Clean stores
- More stores
- No handwritten signs, no gimmicky sales
- People are honestly seeking alternatives to Microsoft
- Linuxheads are finding that the MacOS is just as powerful
- Community/Grassroots support
- Artist bandwagoning / idol worship

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