Monday, November 08, 2004

What A Kon Man!

This was one of the first FixYourThinking stories to be posted after the new design in June of 2004.

I received a lot of praise through email for the contents of this editorial, but I also received some serious hate mail and I believe stalking on Slashdot by Arlo Rose himself.

Arlo is a very talented programmer, but he just doesn't get how a capitalistic society works.

I'm glad he's releasing Konfabulator on Windows - that is a solution, but the question has popped up on many Mac Websites - is he going to continue development on the Mac version or is he going to leave the 100's who bought this software in the dust?

As a potential windows customer who may buy Konfabulator - would you buy something that the programmer may decide to just drop support within a year's time?

The most important aspect of this story was the fact that Arlo was claiming sole right to the concept of Konfabulator - it is quite clear that Apple had something like this in System 6.

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