Sunday, November 21, 2004

Tracking down a spammer Part II

An interesting article on Slashdot sparked a few new comments that I thought I would add to the BLOG, as this story seems to be getting the most attention [besides The MacMIce Story] than any other story I have posted on FixYourThinking.

I have fielded close to 100 emails about Subscriberbase, Consumer Research Corporation, and Product Test Panel.

I hope that the suggestions and comments here have helped and I hope that my efforts are able to bust this fraudulent company.

Here is what I posted at Slashdot

"The interesting thing is; Slashdot seems to be the #1 place (that I have seen) that readers regularly bash SPAM, but that also participate in one of the MOST MASSIVE email campaigns I have ever seen - the FREE iPOD DEALS.

Look in just about any thread here on Slashdot - you'll see a dozen signatures with people linking to THEIR free iPod link so they can get their required 5 people to join.

What happens is your email is INSTANTLY sold to OptInRealBig when you sign up for this "free deal". OptInRealBIg in turn - is also a harvester - but they can legitimately prove they buy email addresses. So, if quetioned by novice understanding authorities - they can prove they are legit.

Point is - the very people that complain about it [slashdotters] - as far as I can see - are the main contributors to it.

People also fall for these emails from websites like that have little funny flash cartoons. People forward these sites to dozens of their friends - which in turn - each of those emails are harvested.

It kinda is like the election scenario - the people that complained the most; either didn't vote or couldn't vote!

Here is a link to another FixYourThinking article:

Tracking Down A Spammer Pt I


Anonymous said...

Dear Jack,

Have you ever run across anyone who has been taken in by the Product Test Panel scam and found a phone number for these folks? I was stupid enough to sign up first, research later, and would love to get a phone number so that I can talk to someone there (vs. getting inane automated email responses).


FYT said...

The information is available on the whois info for

Subscriberbase / Product Test Panel / Consumer Research Corporation are all the same company based out of Columbia South Carolina