Friday, November 12, 2004

TechTV officially axed in January???

I was really upset to see on Kevin Rose's website/BLOG that TechTV content will officially be axed in January.

Here is a list of management emails to express your disgust.


Charles Hirschhorn
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Debra Green
Chief Operating Officer

Dale Hopkins
Senior Vice President, Affiliate & Advertising Sales

Peter M. Green
Senior Vice President, Programming and Production

Julie Fields
Vice President, Creative

Tina Kowalewski
Vice President, Games Editorial

Tom Russo
Director, Program Development

Jason Liebowitz

[UPDATE] Kevin Rose went on from host of TechTV shows to found DIGG.COM

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FYT said...

Here's more information:

Save The Screen Savers staff:
Return G4TechTV to its Technical Roots:
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* Call - Alan Duke at (310) 979-5050
* Call - Laura Civiello at (310) 979-5305
* E-mail - Charles Hirschhorn (Founder & Chief Executive Officer) at
* E-mail - Debra Green (Chief Operating Officer) at
* E-mail - Julie Fields (Vice President, Creative) at
* E-mail - Dale Hopkins (Senior Vice President, Affiliate & Advertising Sales) at
* E-mail - Peter M. Green (Senior Vice President, Programming and Production) at
* E-mail - Tina Kowalewski (Vice President, Games Editorial) at
* E-mail - Tom Russo (Director, Program Development) at
* E-mail - Alan Duke at
* E-mail - Laura Civiello at

* E-mail ‘General Information’ at
* E-mail ‘G4 Chat’ at

* Leave feedback on the G4techTV viewer feedback hotline at (800) 839-7880.
* Fax G4 at (310) 979-5100.

* Find contact information for Comcast at

* Send postal mail to:

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