Thursday, November 18, 2004

One man's trash is another man at the landfill's treasure

As reported by MacMinute:

MacFair attendees dispose of over five tons of waste

November 18 2004  - At the Southern California MacFair at Cerritos College this past weekend, over 800 attendees took part in 43 Mac seminars and 25 intensive Mac workshops. In addition, this year the Southern California MacFair 2004 made arrangements to provide attendees free disposal of their old computer equipment including monitors, CPUs, fax machines, printers, servers, phone systems and virtually any office electronics product. In two days, attendees disposed of over 11,280 pounds of electronic waste.

Let's do a little math; shall we?

(These weights are pulled from an average of boxes in my possession)

Average computer tower weight = 20 pounds

Average printer weight = 7 pounds

Average Monitor weight = 25 pounds

Average fax machine = 20 pounds

The printer average assumes no Apple LaserWriter II's - which weighed 45 pounds!

Now consider the math of what metals, both precious and hazardous, are found in computers - CLICK HERE

This was a big waste of time, effort, and energy. Hope the guys at the landfill got something good to put on eBay.

11,280 pounds I would say comes out to about 300 computer systems

I recycle this amount of computing equipment on eBay every quarter - where it doesn't get taken to the landfill!

Now 100,000 lbs would have been something to report!!

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