Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Why The Cherry Or The Pear May Be Apple's Next Lemon

One of the most helpful resources for this story was the slashdot article: Cherry OS Claims Mac OS X Capability For x86

I also used Google to research the company owner, the company MXS, and several other keywords.

I conducted an email interview a few months back, with the President of FWB. FWB leased the code for Softwindows from Insignia solutions.

The statements made about Connectix are purely speculation, but are rooted in patterned venture capital strategy.

The real beef to this article is that it is just not physically or technically possible to deliver on the claims that Cherry OS makes:

• Full hardware and port support
• 80% of the Pentium mhz = the speed of the G4 emulated / Example: 1Ghz Pentium = an 800Mhz G4

This also may promote fraud as many might take the OS from an eMac box rather than actually purchase the Mac OS. Worse yet, there may be a greater demand for illegally downloading the Mac OS from peer to peer services.

If this becomes more prevalent and actually starts working or delivering anywhere close the claims of Cherry OS; this could be a big support problem for Apple and Apple Consultants everywhere.


Anonymous said...

Just a few comments:

1. The Cherry OS website is actually a template. I've spent quite some time looking for it, but decided to call it a day...

It's either Design Galaxy, Boxed Art or Template Monster.

Either the company didn't have the time to design one themselves or couldn't be bothered.

2. The domain name was only registered recently.

3. I find it hard to believe the whole thing (Cherry OS) was created in less than 4 months. It must've taken only 2-3 months to come up with a working version.

We'll have to wait and see....

FYT said...

Thanks for the insight ... I added your comments to the main story page.

I had noted the registration myself - I wanted to get in contact with the owner.

There's a tad more to this story than I actually posted - there is a little credibility issue with an email reply I received.

Anonymous said...
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FYT said...

Somebody didn't read the rules for posting here and had to be deleted like a bad boy blogger.

JS Malina - you can email me directly to discuss spelling and grammar errors. I reread it twice before this post though.

So far today - it's gotten 19,723 hits. That's pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Apple makes their money on hardware, not software.

A cherry OS sale could be a lost Mac sale.

A MacOS X sale doesn't make up for it.

FYT said...

Since one of the themes of this website is about trademark, prior art, naming, copyright - I found this post on AppleLinks very interesting:

Taken from a description of Virtual Springfield (A Simpsons Game):

"The computer in Principal Skinner's office is, as you may all have
noticed, a reference to the Macintosh class of computers. Instead
of an apple, the Computer Art Director of this game decided to put
a cherry as a logo and also creating a desktop similar to that of
a Mac. "

FYT said...

Posted to a slashdot comment I made about this article:

"Apple's EULA [license agreement] strictly prohibits the end user from running MacOS on anything but Apple-branded hardware"